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Your Home And Business Storage Solutions!

We offer…

  • 500 plus units of all sizes
  • All ground level access
  • Electronic Access Gate
  • 24 hour security set-up with resident manager on duty
  • Accessible to large moving vans

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Our Best Customer Could Be You

Ustor has been the top choice for your self-storage needs in the Salinas Valley since 1985. Here is a sample of who needs storage solution:

If your garage is starting to look like a junk yard but you’re not just ready yet to let go of your favorite things, our wide selection of storage units should give you the space you require to keep all your stuff without creating the extra clutter at home.

Business People.
You’re having trouble meeting the demands of your customers, because you don’t have enough goods. The solution is simple: stock up the inventory. Cameras, alarms, electronic gates, and support from a resident manager are covered in your monthly rent.

Office People.
That filing cabinet can only accommodate a couple of folders in a month’s time. Rather than throwing out office supplies, consider storing them in our unit for safekeeping. That will make them available when you later need them.

Charity Organizers.
Finding a place to store all in-kind donations can be a handful, so take your pick from our various storage size selections. You’re assured that none of your benefactors’ contributions get damaged by the weather.

Ustor has the best solution to your storage problems. We’re inviting you to give us a try. Let us hold your extras! We’re situated right along Route 101 which connects San Francisco to Los Angeles.